Activists Declare No Unity Without Justice

Charlottesville activists, University of Virginia students, and other community members rebuke the “Concert for Charlottesville” as a show of false unity. Activists released a video calling on Charlottesville to enact racial justice and show solidarity with communities of color. Flyers and signs outside the concert reiterate the messages of the video and declare “No Unity without Justice.” These are the latest in a series of actions since July 8 through which community members have presented demands for racial justice.

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From Charlottesville activists: 8 actions to support us and organize locally

Cross-posted from Daily Kos Charlottesville is mobilizing to fight fascism and resist white supremacy. Local groups including anarchist people of color, Black Lives Matter, and Showing up for Racial Justice have been on the streets of Charlottesville since the Nazis showed up for their first torch rally months ago, and before then, too. We need you to work with us to defeat fascism. Join us! Hope resides in action. Here are four specific actions you can do immediately to support Charlottesville. These actions are requested directly from the Black Lives Matter group that is part of our resistance network.

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Statements from Concerned Charlottesville Residents Mobilizing to Challenge August 12 White Nationalist Rally

Charlottesville, VA - Thousands of activists, faith leaders, congregants and concerned Charlottesville residents are mobilizing in response to the “Unite the Right” white nationalist rally scheduled for noon this Saturday in downtown Charlottesville. The following are statements selected from organizers across the Solidarity Cville network.

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Solidarity, not Scapegoating

We stand united in rejecting the Daily Progress’s August 10, 2017 editorial. White supremacy is a system, it is not an individual. We come together on Saturday to reject this structure of racism and oppression that marginalizes communities of color and the poor in our city every day. Blaming white supremacy on black politicians is absurd and dangerous. It scapegoats those who stand up against systems of white supremacy and does not acknowledge our complicity in structures of oppression, injustice, and racial terror.

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McIntire Park: An Even Bigger Platform for White Supremacy

Monday — just five days from the Unite the Right rally — Charlottesville City Council held a press conference addressing the possibility of moving the white supremacist rally from Emancipation Park to another location. Citing Emancipation Park’s size (1.4 acres) and proximity to the downtown mall, as well as the likelihood that the rally’s attendees will exceed 400 people, the City approved the permit under the condition that the rally be moved to McIntire Park (130 acres).

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Three Ways to #DefendCville: Now and on A12

  1. Right now: Send what you can to support the Solidarity Cville Anti-Racist Legal Fund. Any amount helps! Share widely.

  2. 6AM on A12: Join us at 6AM for the LoveOverFear Sunrise Service at First Baptist (632 W Main St). Let’s start our day with liberating love.

  3. 11AM-7PM on A12: Head over to BLM Cville’s Art in Action event at Champion Brewery (324 S 6TH St). Come enjoy local artists and support our community as we oppose the invading hatred.

First Time? Preparation Tips for August 12

How to Prepare for August 12 (and action in general)One of the most common questions we’ve received is “how can I help and what do I need to do to prepare?” This post will provide some specific tips on how you can help Defend Cville and will hopefully be a useful reference to kickstart your direct action career in the future. This post is not meant to be exhaustive, but it is based on first-hand experience. And a disclaimer: nothing in here should be considered medical or legal advice.

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Local groups call for support on A12

Charlottesville is mobilizing! Several local groups have called for national support to resist white supremacy and confront the rise of fascism. For more information about plans for August 12th, see the following statements from Black Lives Matter Charlottesville, Showing up for Racial Justice Charlottesville, and Congregate.

Black Lives Matter:

Showing Up for Racial Justice: