March For Community Defense against All Fascism -- Media Advisory

Marchers stand in front of the Lee Statue after taking the streets.
What: March for Community Defense against All Fascism

Who: Black and Third World Alliance for Community Defense

When: Saturday, June 3rd, 4pm

Where: Starting with a Rally at the UVA Rotunda

Why: Racist violence has many roots in Charlottesville and they manifest themselves across the South. In the past month, these roots have exposed themselves in our town and today we show that the people of the South stand for community defense against all forms of fascism.

Key points for press coverage

  1. We are here for community defense against all forms of fascism, in solidarity with Veronica Fitzhugh and other black women and femmes confronting White Supremacy across the South.

  2. We are here to call on the predominantly White people of Charlottesville to put your bodies on the line and take risks to protect and defend people of color.

  3. We demand the removal of confederate statues; an end to the legacy of oppression manifest today across systems such as mass incarceration, education, and housing; and that the Charlottesville Police Department stop conspiring with white supremacists to suppress and criminalize resistance activism.

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