Veronica Fitzhugh Speaks at Mt. Zion

Veronica’s words to those who came to Mt. Zion to discuss #CharlottesvilleKKK…

(There was talk from community “leaders” about being strategic not emotional, the KKK trying to make us savages, wanting peaceful responses, and game and bait metaphors.)

Thanks for the opportunity to speak. My name is Veronica Fitzhugh. I guess I am an “emotional savage.” I don’t see this as a game to win or bait not to take. I see the KKK joining other Charlottesville’s white supremacists to further degrade black and brown people. I don’t understand a city of resistance where we cannot revoke the permit of terrorists to come to town but me yelling at them brings five police cars and the paddy wagon to my door in the middle of the night, humiliation from the media, and other damages typical to the black and brown community. We live in a community whose systems treat the KKK and known bigots like Jason Kessler better than its black and brown members practicing “free” speech. This is not just. And, before you have peace, you must have justice.