Statement regarding 'Unite the Right March on Charlottesville' flier

Annotated UTR poster for media

The August 12 “Unite the Right March on Charlottesville” is being organized with violent intentions. Allowing the march to continue means putting Charlottesville residents in great danger.

Please see attached for:

  1. An annotated copy of the poster for the event, as shared by Richard Spencer on twitter. The annotations specify the incendiary trifecta of hate iconography, including Nazi (such as the eagles), alt-right (Pepe the frog), and confederate (the flag, the statues) imagery used in the flier.

  2. An informational document that includes further details regarding the announced speakers and other attendees, crucial points presented to city council last night, and a Facebook post that promotes violence at this event (the August 12 “March on Charlottesville”).
    These documents were distributed to members of Charlottesville City Council during the Monday, June 19th meeting.