Solidarity Cville documents threats of violence planned for August 12

Solidarity Cville presents the following open letter to Charlottesville City Council on 17 July 2017.

Dear Esteemed Council Members,

With respect to the issue of public safety surrounding the “Unite the Right” rally currently scheduled for 12 August 2017, we present evidence of threats of violence planned to take place during the event. These threats were made by various individuals and organizations affiliated with the event organizer. These threats are made against various parties in the Charlottesville community, including City Councilors by name, the City Council itself, African-Americans, SURJ, other individuals affiliated with the organizer, and local political organizations.

Part 3.4.5(b) of the Special Event Regulations of the City of Charlottesville states that a “permit may be denied in writing” if “it reasonably appears that the proposed activity will present a danger to public safety or health….” On these grounds, we submit the following to support the claim that it reasonably appears that the proposed activity will present a danger to public safety and formally request that the Event Coordinator revoke the permit for the proposed August 12 event.


Solidarity Cville

Appendix A: Chat Logs between CJ Ross and an Anonymous Second Party

These private Messenger chat logs were obtained with the consent of one party, Tim (blue, right), a Virginia resident who, for safety reasons, wishes to remain anonymous. The following conversation is with Charles Joseph Ross, a resident of Lynchburg, VA. Mr. Ross has been advertising the August 12 event on Facebook. The following conversation takes place within the context of the August 12 event, which planners intend as an effort to unite rival organizations of the perennially fractious far-right.

In these conversations, we see Mr. Ross threaten City Council, Mr. Bellamy personally, Mr. Signer personally, the organization SURJ, unaffiliated local groups who he calls “antifa”–a loose designation into which the “alt-right” subsumes any and all anti-racist activists, of whatever stripe–and even the event’s invited headliner, Richard Spencer himself.

Threats against Mr. Spencer are presented twice: in the first image on Page 4 and in the first image on Page 8. Threats to “get rid of” Mr. Bellamy are in the first image on Page 7 and a plot to provoke or entrap Mr. Bellamy are present in the second image on Page 7. The threat to get “a thousand men… to crush and demoralize Antifa” is a direct threat of violence.

Chatlog Entry 1
Chatlog Entry 2
Chatlog Entry 3
Chatlog Entry 4
Chatlog Entry 5
Chatlog Entry 6
Chatlog Entry 7
Chatlog Entry 8
Chatlog Entry 9
Chatlog Entry 10
Chatlog Entry 11
Chatlog Entry 12
Chatlog Entry 13
Chatlog Entry 14
Chatlog Entry 15
Chatlog Entry 16
Chatlog Entry 17

Appendix B: Facebook Posts from “Mountaineers Against Antifa”

Mountaineers Against Antifa is a public Facebook group of which Mr. Ross is a member. These public posts are in reference to the August 12 rally.

Some quotes from the posts include, “[b]ut I can assure you there will be beatings at the August event,” “that day we finish them all off,” “[w]e’ll kill 5 birds with one stone,” and “[a]ll able bodied men and women ready to fight.”

Post 1 from Mountaineers Against Antifa
Post 2 from Mountaineers Against Antifa
Post 3 from Mountaineers Against Antifa
Post 4 from Mountaineers Against Antifa
Post 5 from Mountaineers Against Antifa

Appendix C: Daily Stormer

The neo-Nazi forums, Daily Stormer, have been advertising the August 12 event and acknowledge the likelihood of right-initiated violence.

The following screenshot is from

A post from the Daily Stormer indicating the likelihood of instigated violence

The post says, “it should be noted that Based Stickman is going… and his group are pretty prone to starting shit.” Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman is a nationally-known figure from California, associated with the Proud Boys, who has been arrested several times for violence:

“The Pikeville rally” refers to an April 29, 2017, march of white supremacists in the small Appalachian town of Pikeville, TN. (The Pikeville rally was led by the Traditionalist Workers Party, League of the South, and National Socialist Movement–three SPLC-identified “hate groups” who are organizing Charlottesville’s August 12 “Unite the Right” gathering.) The Traditionalist Workers Party, which has an active chapter in Richmond, is a national neo-Nazi group led by Matthew Heimbach, who was present at Charlottesville’s May 13 torch rally, and who is a confirmed speaker for August 12.

Based Stickman has been advertised as having a “non-speaking role” in the August 12 event. It should be noted, however, that Based Stickman’s role is nearly always of the “non-speaking” variety, because his modus operandi is to instigate physical violence:

The following screenshot is also from the Daily Stormer where commenter Exterminajudios (Spanish for “Exterminate Jews”) says “[w]e need military guys there to crack skulls.”

A post from the Daily Stormer suggesting violence

Appendix D: Event’s “security” personnel are a known criminal organization, the Warlocks Motorcycle Club

The local planner of the August 12 event announced at a press conference on July 11 that the Warlock Motorcycle Club will be present at the “Unite the Right” rally: Kessler speaks with Warlocks Motorcycle Club

The Warlocks are a self-identified “one-percenter” biker gang. “One-percenter” is a term (signified by a “1%” patch on the club’s jackets) which derives from outlaw bikers’ embrace of the inverse of the saying, touted by AMA-sanctioned motorcycle clubs, that “99% of bikers are law-abiding citizens.”

The Warlocks have been prosecuted and convicted for the production and distribution of methamphetamines, charged with ATF weapons violations, have links to organized crime, and the organization has been the subject of recent FBI warnings:

Appendix E: Various online threats and suggestions of violence

A threat to "take them out"
A threat against Senator Tim Kaine
A celebration of the "opportunity" for self-defense
A threat that activists will be "crushed"
An endoresment from Jason Kessler for the above threat