Not Guilty! Veronica Fitzhugh and Jeff Fogel vindicated

Anti-racist activists Veronica Fitzhugh and Jeff Fogel were found not guilty this week for their respective charges of obstructing a public passage and assault. Solidarity Cville and the Charlottesville community in general have demanded for months that these charges be dropped. The not guilty verdicts vindicate these demands.

The City of Charlottesville wasted precious resources to protect Nazis and the klan as it pursued baseless allegations against Ms. Fitzhugh and Mr. Fogel. This follows a pattern of the Charlottesville Police and the judicial system bending over backwards to serve Nazis while ignoring demands from vulnerable communities. Now, two months after the events of August 12, Charlottesville residents still wait for justice to be served against the people who brought violence into our community. Solidarity Cville notes that while seven white supremacists sit in jail, held without bond, people like Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer still walk free and continue to terrorize the Charlottesville community and allegedly harass local activists.

Anti-racist activist Veronica Fitzhugh celebrates her not guilty verdict

Ms. Fitzhugh was carried by police officers and humiliated before a crowd for no reason. Mr. Fogel was arrested in the middle of the night, with half a dozen police cars, for a misdemeanor assault charge that was wholly unjustified in the first place. The arrests of Ms. Fitzhugh and Mr. Fogel were an egregious display of police violence, and the not guilty verdicts handed down by the Court further validate Solidarity Cville’s demands that all remaining charges be dropped against Ms. Fitzhugh and all charges be dropped against j8 defendants. The city has wasted enough time and money to pursue vapid allegations against anti-racist and anti-fascist activists. These resources can be better spent bringing the Nazi and KKK terrorists to justice.

We are proud to embrace Ms. Fitzhugh and Mr. Fogel in their pursuit of justice and we continue to learn from their fearless and steadfast resistance to the forces of racism and fascism that have long existed in Charlottesville. These not guilty verdicts strengthen our resolve and we continue to work together in solidarity.