About Us

We are a community defense network of Charlottesville activists acting in solidarity with communities of color locally and globally to fight all forms of white supremacy.

We believe in working from a foundation of love and care. We are committed to following the leadership of People of Color, particularly Black women and femmes. We believe that everybody has a role in this struggle to creatively contribute our best gifts, and that White people have a particular responsibility to invest in the labor and risk-taking of dismantling white supremacist systems and cultures.

Right now, our network is particularly focused on opposing the violent white supremacist terrorist groups who have targeted Charlottesville in what we are calling the #SummerofHate, including the #CharlottesvilleKKK rally on July 8, and the return of the modern-day KKK with the “Unite the Right March on Charlottesville” on August 12.

Black lives matter. No platform for white supremacy. Nazis go home.