1. Drop all charges against Veronica Fitzhugh.

2. Drop all charges against the 22 people arrested protesting the KKK on July 8, the 5 people arrested resisting white supremacists on August 12, and the 3 people dragged out of the August 21 city council meeting as the community took over.

3. Initiate immediate development of affordable housing for extremely low income people, and fulfill the “Positive Vision of Resident Directed Redevelopment“ from the Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents.

4. Apologize publicly for police negligence to the families of Sage Smith, Faye Tinsley, and Quinn Woodfolk, and commit to an expansion of the investigations of Faye’s murder and Sage’s disappearance.

5. Cease the targeting of Black families by social services to send children into foster care.

6. End militarized police units like JADE (Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement) and its successors.

7. Stop discriminatory stop-and-frisk.

8. End money bail, and release people being held without bond before their trial.

9. Remove all confederate monuments.

10. Mike Signer must resign, because there is blood on your hands.