Charlottesville Residents Confront KKK

Charlottesville, VA – Charlottesville residents will confront the KKK in its city-sanctioned rally at Justice Park on Saturday, July 8th. They will hold a #BlocKKKParty to show the vibrancy of collective energy to resist intimidation and initiate change. This action is one step in a larger campaign to make reparations for the city’s history of racist terror and abuse. In facing these racist terrorists, local activists demand an end to Charlottesville policies and practices that target people of color and uphold white supremacy.

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Proud Boys in Charlottesville with Jason Kessler

Alert to Charlottesville local media: Local white nationalist organizer Jason Kessler has announced on his Facebook that he will be hosting a gathering with the Proud Boys today at 6:00 p.m. The Proud Boys are a militant fraternity-like organization within the alt-right that the SPLC calls a “military arm of the alt-right.” The final phase of their initiation process requires them to beat up whom they consider antifa [antifascism activists, but also used by the alt-right to include all left-wing activists].

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Words from Veronica Fitzhugh


On the morning of Monday, June 5th, Veronica Fitzhugh shared these words with her supporters, prior to her first court hearing.

“You may not always understand me.

You may feel what I do is hateful.

You may only hear my yelling and cursing.

But, I hear a sweeter symphony of other oppressed voices awakening us to wary action in defense of those condemned to the margins and against those who create and maintain those cruel, lonely spaces.

I ask you to move to understanding, act with love, and listen to these people… and move them out of the margins and into the sacred spaces of your hearts.

Fiercely Love.”